Temporary agency workers are afforded, as regards safety and health at work, the same level of protection as that of other workers in the user undertaking and/or establishment.

  Work in safe and healthy conditions

Research has shown that in general workers with a temporary employment relationship are, in certain sectors, more exposed to the risk of accidents at work and occupational diseases than other workers.

These additional risks in certain sectors are in part linked to certain particular modes of integrating new workers into the undertaking.

For temporary agency worker’s safety and health, both the temporary work agency and the user undertaking are responsible.

  Be aware of your qualification

Before you start in your temporary employment relationship, a user undertaking and / or establishment shall inform you of the risks, which you faces, in particular linked to your occupational qualification and any specific risks of the job to be filled. According to national legislation, certain work requires special medical surveillance.

  Keep in mind your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In certain sectors (as agriculture, cleaning services, construction, etc.), you are more exposed to the risk of accidents at work and occupational diseases than other workers in these sectors. Keep in mind to use your personal protective equipment.

  Don’t forget your training

Your specific situation as worker with a temporary employment relationship and the special nature of the risks you face call for adequate, explicit training, appropriate to the particular characteristics of your job and taking into account your qualification and experience.